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The Lusitano in The Bluebells

Updated: Feb 6

So, in my last Blog 'Teddy Bears Picnic', I mentioned the equine model in this equine photo shoot not being quite as user friendly as the baby had been! :)

Still we got some lovely images thanks to the cool head of his owner, Chloe, and a little patience.

My models for this equine photo shoot was the beautiful Nerval, a Pearl luistano who I am just in love with! :) and his super talented international dressage rider, Chloe Jacques who recently did a demo at the Lusitano Breed show on top of winning a string of rosettes!

It was an evening photo shoot using a local bridleway, it was also vital we did it that evening as Nerval and Chloe were moving yards the following day.

In order to access the location I first had to see Chloe and Nerval across a railway line at one end of the bridleway. I then had to drive as far as I could to the other end and then walk across a couple of fields in order to meet where the bridle path runs through a wood.

I enlisted the help of my eldest son, as not only did I have a camera etc to carry, but also some beautiful garments lent to me for Chloe to wear for the shoot. A jacket and poncho from a local business, Minkeys Tweed, and a couple of stunning hat pins from Fine Feathers

Nerval is a young Lusitano stallion and had to walk past some horses on his way to the wood, which excited him a bit. On top of that there were quite a lot of midges about in the wood that time of the evening, which were clearly irritating him so I can't really blame him for being a little fidgety!

We had to work quickly and I didn't have an awful lot of time to set shots up. Really it was a case of keep snapping and hope for the best. Oh, how I love those kind of photo shoots!!

Only when I got them off the camera could I see properly what I had and luckily there were a few to work with.

That is one of the reasons I like the job, you can go from one shoot that seems so easy and you are able to set things up just as you want, to the pressure shots, where you have to draw on all your experience and simply have faith! Sometimes they are the best ones :)

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