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This is me. Photographer, Mother, Wife, Farmer, Groom, Dreamer, Procrastinator (not necessarily in that order), simply trying to get through life alive!

I’m Jo, an avid and talented photographer, and with over a decade working behind a camera, I bring vast experience, infinite patience and unique style to every shoot. Over time I have learnt that my strength lies in capturing the brief and delightful moments of children and babies. I love mixing the frivolity of children with our natural world – every precious face can convey a depth of emotions and it is my mission to help parents hold on to these.

Jo Forster - Photographer West Sussex

I aim to create natural and candid images with sessions that are generally child-led; I do not spend a lot of time directing and prefer a more free flow for honest images suffused with warmth. I use props to help relax and engage children but your role, as a parent, family member or guardian, in helping with this is invaluable as you know what makes your child tick, how to get the best giggles and biggest smiles!

As a mother of two young sons I know how to be patient and will do my best to bring out the best in your child leaving you with a portrait or a series of photographs to treasure for a lifetime.

As a horse rider growing up surrounded by horses, I have always had a love for them. One of my greatest enjoyments is being able to capture and freeze the, beauty, grace and strength of these magnificent animals and capturing the special connections between man/woman and his/her horse.

I learnt photography the old fashioned way at college with an old minolta film camera. I learnt to process and develop images myself and spent many of my happiest hours in the dark room, surrounded by enlargers and the smell of photographic chemicals, that weren't always pleasant!

Nevertheless this is where my love for Photography started and for over 10 years since branching out alone in this competitive industry I have turned my hand to many different spheres.

My main areas of portrait photography are early years, Newborn to five years, also taking on small family shoots with young children and of course equine photography.

I am an on location photographer, so my photoshoots are done either at your home or alternative location.

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