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Welcome to 2024! (Photography ideas 2024)

My first blog of the new year. Sorry it took so long!

I have had a lot going on in my head for my photography this year. My problem is that sometimes my inspiration and ideas comes so thick and fast for the year ahead. If I don't make a note of them they are gone like a puff of smoke.

Here are some of my Photography ideas for 2024.

I have already updated my photo products and prices and hopefully improved the shopping and ordering experience in my photo galleries. I have too already created a gallery for you to purchase Mothers Day Photo shoot gift vouchers (Yes, I got in early this year! :) )

The past couple of weeks has allowed me to look back and work on previous equine photos I took at my workshop day at Star Andalusian Stud and on some of a clients beautiful Lusitano horse last year. I work on these not only for my enjoyment but also experimentation and experience. However, sometimes I feel sad that some of these photographs rarely see the light of day and certainly often don't leave my laptop! Therefore I have decided to start offering a limited number for sale as framed or canvas prints to adorn and beautify your living space.

Not seeing something I have created in print is like an architect designing a building but never seeing it built and I don't have the space to print and hang them myself!

Head and neck of an Iberian horse

I am currently working out how to setup an online shop on my website. So watch this space for when it's live.


I have already planned my first equine promotional photoshoot for the year and, possibly, another one that I am feeling very excited about due to the location.

Both will be early in the year and I am also thinking about some special children's' photo shoots too.

The other evening, (after a day of playing with images on the laptop) while in bed I suddenly had an epiphany. You know, like you do when you are trying to get to sleep?

For sometime now I have been trying, to no avail, to find an historical building of some kind to use as a backdrop for some special equine shoots.

My passion for photography is only matched by my passion for old and derelict buildings, often castles.

During my time at Art College the History of Art was taught as part of my course. I fell in love with the Italian renaissance, the frescoes, the architecture and my final dissitation was about the architect Brunelleschi and in particular about the Florence Duomo (Dome) and how it was an engineering master piece. Also I learnt about the early use of perspective in Fresco paintings...


I digress

Way back in 2007 I was lucky enough to visit Florence and fulfill my dream of seeing all I had read and learnt about. I was not disappointed! Of course I took my camera along. Luckily by then I had digital, otherwise the photos may have been lost to time. Like most photographers, who are also prone to hoarding at times, I had backed my photos up on disc; and, I managed to find it :)

Why oh why had I not done it before? Combining my love of equine images with my love for renaissance art and architecture? It's times like that you want to congratulate yourself for being so clever to keep dragging all that history around with you!

So for the last day or two (after having to buy an external disc drive, so I could actually look at the disc contents) I have been focused on creating images using these photos. An example below.

Iberian horse and rider

As well as this I have also decided to start creating textures for my backgrounds with a technique I used during my days at art college. This consisted of using a mixture of glue and plaster of paris on stretched canvas and making marks in it.

The photo below is an example of a canvas background I made using tissue paper, glue, acrylic paint and glitter. I think the texture with this method is too much and hoping with the plaster of paris I can create something finer.

head and neck portrait of Andalusian horse

On top of this I have also begun emailing local country estates as I continue my quest in finding beautiful, historic country homes as a backdrop.

We'll see what happens!!

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