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Teddy Bears Picnic

Updated: Feb 6

Last month I set out on a project of a themed 'sitter' Photo Shoot. Sitter Shoots are for babies who are able to sit up, but not stand yet.

I found a lovely little model but finding the day to do it was quite challenging with the weather being so changeable! In fact it was raining ten minutes before we did the shoot.

I chose a lovely fairly open wooded spot on high ground with sandy soil, I had a very strong vision. This vision led to delaying the shoot initially, as I was adamant that we had to have the right suit for the baby and as it turned out I only came across one I was happy with and it would take a few weeks to arrive. I also ending up buying two tea sets as I found a better one after purchasing the first. Luckily it just about arrived in time and I donated the first tea set to a local Pre-school one of my sons goes to .

The baby (unlike the horse I photographed the evening before, which I will cover in another Blog!) was the perfect model and the suit not only fitted like a glove but was just so perfect for her. It was one of those shoots where everything just came together

The purpose of this shoot was to allow me to experiment with more editing styles but also it was really lovely doing a baby shoot after having done so many equine ones.

I have added a video below.

If you would like a Teddy Bears Picnic Photo shoot or have another theme in mind, do get in touch. It's also Buttercup Season and they can make a lovely backdrop, don't leave it too long, as they very quickly go.

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