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Children's Photography - West Sussex



An amazing way to celebrate your children!

Children's Photography

'When a child is lost in that most perfect state of just being a child, that is when you get the best pictures'

Photos are an amazing way to celebrate your children and remember how they were before they got too big to sit on your lap!  


Posing children can be difficult but I find the best pictures are when children are just being children. This is why my child photoshoots are done outdoors. I prefer to photograph children during their early years.

I can photograph your child outdoors from 3 months old, with suitable weather conditions,surrounded by the beauty of nature up to school reception age (5 years old). I am happy to include older siblings.

To get the most candid shots I use distractions such as bubbles and also use games to make things fun.

My sessions are very much child led and usually last no more than an hour.


For an overview of what I charge and some of the products I offer, simply submit your email address here. If you DON'T check the subscribe box you will receive no further communication from me.

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The Gallery

Seasonal Shoots

Below is a list of seasonal shoots I do each year and offer each at a set package price and location, unless you have another location in mind (but you must ensure you have the necessary permission). Dates for the shoots vary and largely depend on when each flower (or weed!) is at it's peak. Therefore dates are not confirmed until about two weeks prior to shoot dates.

If you would like to be notified as soon as I start advertising these shoots so you don't miss out, please use the 'Add me to the list' links.

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