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Woohoo! I got my first equine and portrait photography award :)

Updated: Apr 11

I opened my inbox on Sunday to find an email telling me that two out of three photos I had submitted had been given a nominee award at the Fine Art Photography awards for my equine and portrait photography!

I have only felt good enough to start entering competitions the last few years and it has certainly helped me grow as a photographer and improve my work and technique as I strive to get better and gain some recognition of my work by the best in the business.

The Fine Art Photography Awards is an international competition with a vast range of categories. This was it's 10th year and my work was up against thousands.

Each category has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and then a small selection of photographers whose images didn't quite make a place who receive a nominee award.

My awards were in the wildlife/animals category and the Portrait category. I also entered an image into the 'Abstract' category.

To some it might not seem much to get excited about but even a nominee award is hard won. To illustrate my point there is an exceptionally talented equine photographer whose work I admire and who has won many awards, who was also a nominee in the wildlife/animals category. To be awarded next to her made it an even greater achievement!

The winning 3 images were all African wildlife ones, which our equine images apparently couldn't beat.

This award has really boosted my confidence. I have in the past nearly given photography up through not feeling good enough and the fact that it is such a competitive industry. Now I feel re motivated and inspired, ready to enter more competitions and keep improving and challenging myself.

I hope you will come with me on my journey :)

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