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MERRY CHRISTMAS! Signing off for'23

It's been another record year for me and I would like to thank each and every person who has supported me over the past year from employing me to take photos to simply liking my facebook posts.

I have had such fun taking photos of your horses, babies and children.

I think the highlights have been the equine photography this year. I have had the absolute pleasure of being able to photograph some stunning horses and met some great people, who I hope i will continue to collaborate with and who will allow me to keep following their stories over the next year.

I am keen to do more Newborn photography into the New Year and my special newborn offer runs until the 1st March, at which point hopefully the weather will start to improve to be back outdoors! Please feel free to contact me to learn more about this Limited time offer.

I have a few ideas for equine projects next year and will hopefully include collaboration with another photographer I met this year. I would also love to finally get someone to do a Lavender photo shoot. Although I have offered it at cost two years running, no takers, so if you (and a friend) fancy a Lavender shoot with your horse in 2024 at a knock down price, get in touch!

This year my equine photos also featured in two magazines, the UK Friesian Federation special edition issue and the Lusitano breed society in house magazine.

I also shared a photo to a Horse Photography facebook page and won with the picture for most likes of the day.

I will of course be running my usual Bluebell, buttercup and lavender portrait shoots and you can add your name to my 2024 seasonal shoots list on my website to be first to receive information on dates, prices etc.

Due to the successful year I have been able to invest in the business and have spent money on Newborn photography equipment, items for my equine Christmas shoots and I even splashed out on a new Christmas backdrop so next year I will not only be offering portrait shoots for fives and under but families too! :)

Other investments made have been work on my website, including a re-design.

I am so looking forward to the people I will meet next year and the projects I will be asked to work on. Anything could happen. I have no idea what but for the first time in a good while I am excited by the unknown.

horse and ponies in snow wearing Christmas garland.

Merry Christmas from my equine family to yours x

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