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The Nuthurst Lady (equine Photo Shoot)

Updated: Feb 6

'Ride a cock horse to Bambury Cross to see a fine lady upon a white horse.

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall have music wherever she goes'

The above childrens nursery rhyme is what sprang to mind as I created this slideshow. I remember reading it as a child and it stuck with me always.

Sometime ago I came across some small authentic looking huts during a carriage drive. They were tucked away down a lane where an architectural plants business used to trade from.

They looked like something straight out of a movie set and from that point I was obsessed with using the site for a photo shoot.

I had my annual equine promotional photo shoot to do later in the year and I had already had the idea of a side saddle rider but originally my idea was for her to have an imposing building in the background such as a stately home, castle or ruin. This was to be my third instalment, having already done the 'Chanctonbury Bride' & 'Copsale Princess'

I had been looking for a horse with a more unusual colouring and after posting on the British Appaloosa Society facebook page I was messaged by the perfect person with a classical Appaloosa spotty horse and she rode side saddle and western. I thought, how perfect!

Sadly this did not work out as she lived a fair distance away. What was i to do? No model and if I was going to do the shoot I needed to crack on as it was already July! Luckily another client came to the rescue by finding me a side saddle rider who lived locally. The only thing was that I would need to settle for a grey horse, not the unusual colouring I had in mind.

To begin with I was concerned that the equine subject matter may not suit the location, but it turned out I had no need to be.

I had, several months previously, been able to locate the owner of the site, who had kindly given me permission to use it. I am extremely grateful as finding locations for these kind of shoots can be very difficult and/or costly!

It then all came together very quickly, and although not originally planned, I found a great and reliable makeup artist who was very willing and enthusiastic and a real pleasure to work with. She stuck around as long as we needed and did two looks on the model for us as for this shoot I was doing two outfits. The traditional side saddle outfit and then the more vintage look with a dress beautifully made by Park Lady Equestrian Costumes.

The day finally arrived at the end of August and the weather was truly awful! At midday I contacted all involved and informed them that unless it was Armageddon the shoot would be going ahead as planned. A couple of hours later that was exactly what it was. Torrential rain and thunder! I had been keeping a close eye on the weather forecast and I held fast, confident that when the time came to meet for the photo shoot at 4.30 that afternoon, all would be well.

Indeed it was! In fact it turned into the most beautiful summers evening, with the addition of moody skies periodically. I was so glad I had held on and that everyone else had been so steadfast too. It really was a fabulous shoot with some great people. :)

I think this is possibly my favourite instalment of these shoots. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Presenting 'The Nuthurst Lady'

Thanks to:

Models: Lauren and her horse.

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