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The Future looks exciting!! :)

Photo of a three year old boy running through a puddle with his toy tractor
The joy of a child with his tractor

Well, I feel like I haven't written a Blog for ages, but actually it was just last month!

I certainly haven't written anything lengthy for sometime.

I experienced some issues with my website towards the end of last summer, and it had become one of my most successful and busiest years up to that point.

Somewhere along the way I had lost ownership of my website. Sadly this pushed back the good work I had been doing in getting my website seen on search engines etc.

This prompted me to take back ownership and control and build myself this new site.

I have been extremely busy trying to work behind the scenes on my site to try and get it back to something like it was last year. It is getting there but it's a slow old process!

If you have never tried optimising your own site, let me tell you it is a headache!! There's a reason people earn good money doing it. Unfortunately in my current situation being a Mum, with a limited budget and time, I have to try and muddle through by myself taking advantage of other peoples knowledge on the subject where I can.

In order to help with increasing my business exposure I came up with the idea of doing a shout out to try to connect with other local businesses that would like to collaborate with me, with the intention that in doing so would be mutually beneficial to our businesses exposure.

I had some great responses that would complement both my children's photography and equine photography and after a slow start to the year, it looks like there may be some exciting projects ahead for me this year. Including something completely new!

I would like to say more but I don't like to count my chickens or tempt fate!!

Suffice to say if you keep your eyes peeled on my facebook and insta sites, all will be revealed in time.

So things are looking good for 2023 after a less than inspiring start and end to 2022. I just hope it keeps rolling that way :)


Mothers Day is just a week away and I created some photo shoots specifically for the Mum in your life.

  • My Mum & Me/Us

  • My Mum & her Grandkids

  • Just Me/Us

  • My Mum & her Horse

Each voucher comes with a 6x9 print of her choice. When ordering your gift voucher you have the option of up grading her gift with additional post shoot products.There is still time to purchase one of my special Mothers Day Gift Vouchers HERE

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