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The Power of editing

Updated: Feb 6

Below is a slideshow of photos I took of a clients Puppy recently.

The photo shoot itself lasted just under an hour.

Then a week later (in this case) the client received their images:

But what happens between the shoot and the client (you) receiving their images?

Well a lot of time goes into post production editing.

In fact all digital images require some amount of basic editing as what comes off the camera is rarely accurate or visually satisfactory when it comes to such things as colour and contrast.

Different Photographers, and different areas of Photography, may require varying visual finishes to their images. Some photographers requiring, or choosing, to do more editing than others.

This is a comparison of two of my images (not the exact same image but close enough! :) ) taken straight off the camera versus a post edited version:

As a portrait photographer, and aiming to capture moments as and when they happen, I don't have the time to set up my camera for each individual image exactly as I would like. Therefore post editing is quite a big part of what I do.

As opposed to say a landscape or still life photographer who is able to afford more time to setting up for a specific image. Studio photographers too can pre-arrange their lighting and, to a greater or lesser degree, their subject.

I think you would agree that the post edited version is much stronger visually. The puppy really pops in the image now.

Editing photos to a professional standard takes a lot of time and practice. I am learning all the time and the software is continually being updated. It doesn't come for free either!

So when you are paying a photographer for their service or products, remember that you are paying for more than just the time you see them taking the photos.

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