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Post Christmas blog, blog!

It's been hard finding time for this blog.

This year has been my busiest ever!

I have had a great year doing a variety of child and equine photo shoots. It's been great fun and I have particularly enjoyed working on honing my editing skills. Playing with images is always such fun.

I was disappointed that I wasn't able to do the Halloween Photo Shoot I planned as I unfortunately came down with Covid. However I have the germ of an idea for a Christmas shoot instead, so watch this space! ;)

last week I took the kids out to do a bit of exploring to a location I saw in a local photographers facebook post. Definitely a location I will be keeping in mind, possibly for next years equine promo shoot.

I went ahead with my early years Christmas photo Shoots, despite the lack of bookings, we are in hard times after all. It was nice that some got to enjoy the fruits of my labours though. The sleigh was definitely worth the money and time I spent on it and it will be there, hopefully, to be enjoyed next year.

I am currently compiling a Guide of my offerings for next year, including New Year discounts. You can subscribe to the mailing list via my contacts page if you would be interested in receiving a copy upon completion.

I hope to do a video roundup of this year before Christmas and will share it on a new blog.

Till then, take care.

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