Hourly Rates &

                         Photo Product Prices





Standard Hourly Rate for Photographic services is £30 an hour for canine, equine & child photo shoots

(Travel charges may apply)





5X7.5 £15.00*


6X9 £22.50*


8X12 £30.00*


Free small digital copy (jpeg) of purchased image, suitable for electronic use, such as social media.


Jpeg files £40.00*  - what is a jpeg?

(These are the full size unwatermarked versions of the original watermarked jpegl files that are emailed to you as proofs)

Discounts on more than one are available


*10% Discount on all orders made within 7 days of the watermarked proofs being sent.


Unwatermarked versions of the smaller emailed jpeg images are available at £3 each.






Photo of two riders and their horses during an equine photo shoot commission. Photo of a dog during a canine portrait photography session Photo taken of a Robin on a branch Close up photo of a milk maid during a frost