You can’t beat the spring and it is definitely my favourite season when everything is bursting to life, new, clean and vibrant and you can’t get much more vibrant than the Bluebell. The Bluebell is such an iconic spring time woodland flower and you can’t fail to get a great photo, whether it’s a dog bounding through the blooms or a baby nestled amongst them.


This is your chance to enjoy having your photos taken by a professional photographer in the woods among the bluebells, the iconic flower of the British spring time.

The photos are taken in a relaxed, natural and candid manner and is suitable for babies, children, dogs or the entire family!


I am also offering the opportunity of equine shoots either in a wood near you (travel charges may apply) or local to me. Imagine a beautiful photo of you and your trusty steed among the bluebells!


This limited offer is available from about mid April, when the Bluebells flower, for as long as the Bluebells would like to give us. Usually till about mid May.


(Note: During shoots care is taken to not cause any more damage to the Bluebell than the nature that lives in it. Creative camera work and subject placement is key!)


This Package is a great deal at just £200 which includes your 60-90 minute session and all your edited photos (an absolute minimum of 20, which is conservative!) supplied to you as full resolution jpegs on USB for you to use as you wish.

These jpegs can be used not only for print enlargements but you can also create personalized gifts, such as mugs, canvases, cushions, clothing and the list goes on! Basically, if you can think of it, you will find a website that can produce it!


If you are not very savvy when it comes to digital images, such as jpegs, there is a note on my facebook page to help explain exactly what they are and I am always here to help :)


Please contact me by email: or phone: 07920097185 to book.

A non-refundable 25% deposit will be required upon booking.

We try to be as flexible as the weather and shoots can be postponed and re-arranged if needed!


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