Children, Babies & Families


My preferred age for child portraits is newborn to five. It's lovely being able to capture that wonderful freedom of children who are not yet showing any kind of mental restraints from the modern, social world we live in.


The sessions take place outdoors. This can be done at a location you like or at your home. It's nice to go somewhere they have plenty of space to be active and also some nice spots for more posed images. I have found bubbles to be a very useful prop to have, as all kids seem to love them! It gives them something to focus on and breaks the ice quite nicely. The idea is to capture natural images of them being children, uninhibited in a fun and relaxed environment.


For newborns I will travel to take the photos in the comfort of your own home. I can provide props if needed.


Other things that are good to include in photos and make the child or baby feel more settled are favourite toys or snugglies.

Also things such as bikes or trikes, pram for their favourite dolly, and even animals. One child I did was quite fond of riding one of their pedigree sheep!

These little things really help make the photos more unique and personal.


Family portraits are done in much the same manner. We want to capture natural family moments. Walking, sitting, talking and interacting with loved ones.


In each case you will receive an edited and emailed set of watermarked proofs. From these you can choose which images you would like to purchase.

My Fees and prices can be found on my FEES page.





Portrait of two sisters on an outdoor photo shoot. portrait of a toddler crawling. untitled-36