Canine & Equine



I offer a relaxed approach to canine photo shoots. No need for a dog that sits still!

Free  from a studio environment, which can be stressfull for both dog and owner , I take my photos at outdoor locations that are either suggested by you, or I  have quite a good knowledge of dog walks local to me.


Shoots are generally based on an hour, which usually is quite enough, but there are no  hard and fast rules and each job is different.  

It is nice to spend a little time  getting to know you and your dog first  and then it's just a walk.


I take a variety of shots, both action and stills (unless your dog is not inclined that way and if not, no problem! :) ). It can help if you bring treats for your dog or perhaps they have a favourite toy?

In addition to this, I also do shoots for people who want photos of their working dog at work, be it rounding up sheep or picking up quarry.



If you are going to an equine centre, for cross country or showjumping practice, I will happily come along and spend some time following you around, in the background taking photos as you go about your business.


The upside to this of course, is that rather than maybe only having one or two photos of you taken at an event, you get several photos of you and your trusty steed at your most relaxed. Not only does this mean you are more likely to get one you like but perhaps there is something in particular you wish to accomplish on the outing and you would like a keep sake of that achievement? or photos for advertising/marketing purposes?



Should you wish a more personal approach I can come to where your horse lives and take some more set up portrait style shots.These can be taken around your yard, with head collar or bridle or maybe you would prefer some more natural shots of your horse moving freely in a paddock or school.






In each case you will receive an edited and emailed set of watermarked proofs. From these you can choose which images you would like to purchase.

My Fees and prices can be found on my FEES page.




PLEASE do contact me for more information on the above services or any of the other photographic services I provide.



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